A Natural Cure for Slipped Disc with Kairali’s Ayurveda.

Kairali’s Ayurvedic Healing Village in Kerala provides intensive healing programs from serious health conditions, providing results that no other wellbeing spa resort can match. Dedicated to the authentic practice of Ayurveda, the retreat center offers a registered Ayurvedic Hospital, considered ‘the model of an Ayurvedic health resort’ by no less an authority than the Government of Kerala. As an Ayurvedic Hospital, The Ayurvedic Healing Village is well-equipped to deal with serious health problems; bringing total relief from conditions that Western medicine has not yet found a way to treat.

Kairali’s Natural Cure for Back Problems.

Sufferers of serious back and spine problems will know that there are few successful remedies on offer for those who want to avoid the cycle of dependence on painkillers and allopathic medicine. Those affected by sciatica, back pain, and slipped disc can find a natural cure for their condition, however, and should expect great relief from the problem through an expert Ayurvedic treatment program. Kairali is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to their guests, and welcomes patients from all over the world to their Special Treatment for Slipped Disc.

Kairali’s Ayurvedic Cure for Slipped Disc.

Herniated or ‘slipped’ disc can be the cause of unrelenting pain for the sufferer. Caused by a tear in the outer ring of the spinal disc, the herniation puts uncomfortable pressure on the spinal nerve, as well as initiating the release of inflammatory chemicals in the body’s response. Anti-inflammatory treatments are vital in aiding the condition, but allopathic pain killers used for this purpose fail to remove the root of the problem and encourage a cycle of dependence. Kairali Ayurvedic Group provides natural alternatives able to counter inflammation and assist the body in its natural healing process. With natural Ayurvedic methods, sufferers of slipped disc can achieve permanent relief and even complete recovery from their condition.

Ayurvedic Spa Therapies for Slipped Disc.

Our world-class team of Ayurvedic doctors closely supervise the treatment program and prescribe twice-daily spa therapies to soothe inflammation, encouraging regeneration in the spine. The vast science of Ayurveda includes excellent herbal remedies for the condition, and guests on the Slipped Disc Treatment Program are likely to be prescribed guggulu-based anti-inflammatory treatments to help them strengthen tendons and ligaments.

Twice-daily oil massages and steam bath contribute to the restorative process, and special care is taken to treat the affected area through a method known as kativastiKativasti is an outstanding treatment for recovery of slipped disc – the application of warm medicated oil directly to the area, held in place with walls of dough. The use of lepanam, a special medicated paste is also a common treatment method with benefits for a topical approach to the problem. Sufferers of slipped disc will have experienced trauma to their nervous system, and Kairali’s doctors focus on this by prescribing medicated enemas as part of the treatment – a method known in Ayurveda to soothe the nerves and establish balance throughout the body.

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