Ayurveda (Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village)

Ayurveda is the Vedic science of life. Ayur means “life” and Veda means “science”; as such, Ayurveda treatments uses the healing power of nature to help us live a healthy life. Today, Ayurveda competes with even the most advanced medical sciences in offering effective natural remedies for various ailments, which are free of side-effects and take account of the whole lifestyle. It is fast becoming a world leader in holistic health treatment for offering solutions to the stress and strain accumulated in our daily life.

Ayurveda has two healing aspects:

 1. Prevents ailments: Rejuvenation programs at our Ayurveda centers are a combination of medicinal massage and herbal remedies, helping to boost general wellbeing and strengthen the immune system. Within this category, Panchakarma is the leading therapy for overall fitness, targeting the body, organs, mind, breath, nerves and purifying the blood. The practice of Panchakarma makes use of Sweda Karma which comprises of massages with herbal oil, herbal powders and medicated steam treatment.

 2. Curative Aspect: The curative aspect of Ayurveda works towards the total eradication of a particular ailment, and aims to bring the body to a perfect balance of health. Almost all known diseases can be treated with Ayurveda, including paralysis, spondylitis, arthritis, rheumatism, bone and joint disorders, slipped disk, anxiety, depression, nervous disorders, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac related disorders, sinusitis, migraine and many more. In most of these cases we see an improvement of nearly 80% after a patient goes through an Ayurvedic treatment process. If caught in the initial stages, Ayurveda provides ample methods of eradicating the disease entirely. For those treating lifestyle maladies, such as weight-loss and stress, Ayurveda is highly effective.

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