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Kairali Yoga retreat centre in Kerala

Heal your body and mind with yoga, an ancient practice of controlling mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the human body. Helping one to reduce their stress, mental illness and physical disability and improving the positive aspects in the body. Our professionalyoga practitioners will guide you over the training period and bring a positive change in you.

Kairali offers yoga classes every two hours each day guided by a professional yoga practitioner who will teach you the essence of yoga in everyday life. By practicing yoga daily, one can maintain a proper balance in the body without any medication. It has been proven that yoga helps to reduce stress levels and improve proper functions in human body. At Kairali, you will not only experience true healing through yoga but also learn how to practice yoga thereafter. We also teach to maintain proper diet with our special cooking classes for a healthy diet which necessary for a healthy living. Kairali will provide you all of these facilities in the package that you choose.

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Ayurveda panchakarma therapy

Panchakarma is Ayurveda's main purification and detoxification treatment. It means "five therapies." These 5 treatments help eliminate toxins from the body. These 5 treatments are Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti, and Raktamoskshana.
The AyurvedaPanchakarma Therapy helps to remove deep rooted stress and illness-causing toxins from the body while balancing the three doshas at the same time – Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha. This specialized treatment of medicated oil massage and herbal remedies has been prescribed in the ancient Vedic scripture and has been practiced in Kerala for centuries. Panchakarma therapy is effective only if specialized detoxification diet accompanies the treatment.
Kairali’s Ayurvedic Healing Village provides all the 5 treatments in this therapy under great supervision. Highly trained therapists provide this treatment to clients at our Certified Panchakarma Hospital. The clients are treated with utmost care and dedication. One is guaranteed to feel rejuvenated and lose weight if the right process is followed.

Revive your inner peace with Kerala Panchakarma treatment

Water gets contaminated when it is stored for days, likewise, our body cells do too.  Long term use of any device worns it our, then what about our systems in the body? We can replace gadgets but not our body parts but we can offer our services to them with Panchakarma treatment. Panchakarma is a medicate procedure in Ayurveda which kills the poisons in the body cells, gives the power of self-mending capacity and revives all metabolic systems in the body. Panchakarma is the procedure which eliminates poisons from body and psyche and restores balance and stability. It enhances your wellbeing and health, strengthens your body and soul, enhances your confidence, vitality, imperativeness and also mental clarity. KeralaPanchakarma treatment at Kairali helps in washing down the body's poisons; heals the tissues and channels, thereby expanding imperativeness, inward peace, certainty and prosperity. Accomplish the perfect condition of body and psyche with the Kerala Panchakarma treatment at Kairali Ayurvedic health farm.

Kerala Panchakarma Treatment at Kairali

Panchkarma is a leading Ayurvedic therapy in India for detoxification, and has been practiced in Kerala for centuries, in accordance with “Charaka Samhita”. Kerala panchakarma treatment uses different natural methods of elimination to detoxify the body while balancing the three doshasVata, Pita, and Kapha.
Vamanam, or Emesis treatment, is performed by our experienced therapists here at the Ayurvedic Healing Village. It eliminates Kapha which causes excess mucus, congesting the lungs and making them prone to cold, cough and bronchitis. Skin diseases are also cured using Vamanam.
Virechanam eliminates toxic matter from the intestines via purgation or laxative to cure jaundice and haemorrhoids. Aasthaapana uses quath/Kashaya-Vasti. It introduces herbal concoction into the rectum to help relieve vata related diseases like constipation, backaches, kidney stones and joint pain. Anuvaasan, or oil, benefits in vata related diseases like constipation and joint-pain and also diabetes, anemia, and obesity.
Finally, Nasyam involves inhaling herbal medicine through nostrils for the treatment of sinus, or infections in throat, nose or head. It helps in the conditions of sinusitis, migraine, and chest congestion.
At Kairali, we help you connect with your inner self, making you healthier and more energetic.