Ayurveda and Yoga for wellness: An Overview

The science of Ayurveda and yoga can be referred as two sides of a coin, they complement each other. Both these sciences, owe their origin to the ancient Vedas, and deal with the issues of health and health practices. If Ayurveda has the healing characteristic, yoga has the spiritual side of the Vedic teachings. Together they bring about an extensive approach towards the wellness of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Yoga is considered as the spiritual branch of Ayurveda and Ayurveda, the healing aspect of Yoga. Both sciences have a basic underlying principle: the complete wellbeing of individual through Ayurveda treatments and yoga for wellness in the most natural way.

At the Ayurvedawellness centers the ayurvedic health  professionals  offer every individual a unique , “tailor-made” package founded upon his/her constitution and the nature of the imbalance and ailment, and avoid the “one size-fits all” concept that is followed in all other methods of healing.
Ayurveda yoga and wellness are all interconnected and intertwined and cannot be accomplished separately. While yoga helps in removing the impurities of the mind and brings peace and harmony to the spirit, Ayurveda defines the various ways and procedures towards the complete purification of the human body in the most natural way. Together Yoga and Ayurveda offer us many different ways to recognize and eradicate imbalances from our body and mind and guide us towards a better and healthy life where the very existence is a state of pure being free of stress and ailments.

 Yoga helps us to harmonize the mind and body with the help of various techniques of breathing, meditation and yogic postures (asanas); it liberates the mind and enhances the power of concentration and devotion. Ayurveda is the science that helps in keeping the body cleansed and detoxified through lifestyle choices and makes us contemplate about our natural tendencies and connections to our environment. Both sciences accentuate our close relationship with the surroundings and help us in modifying our lifestyle in such a way that is in harmony with the nature.

 In yoga, this purification and detoxification procedure is called the ‘Satkriyas’ whereas in Ayurveda they are known as ‘Panchakarma’.
Today there are various websites that teach about Ayurveda and yoga wellness online but for the best benefits you must avail the services of a professional practitioner found in numerous wellness centers and spas. 

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