Indian Ayurvedic Medicine And Ayurvedic Treatment

The root of Ayurveda lies in India. Ayurvedic science dates back to the time when our holy Vedas were being written as we can find all the literature of Ayurveda in the vedic texts. It is considered the most reliable science of healing. Ayurveda is codified in two highly esteemed texts i.e. Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita. This healing science has already gained world-wide acceptance due to its safe and holistic approach towards the body.
Ayurvedic Principles
The base of ayurvedic principles lies in the fact that our body is a temple and we should worship it by following certain beneficial habits and that too religiously.
•Wise lifestyle restores harmony between man and his environment.
•The smooth processes of eating, digestion and assimilation are essential for consistent health.
•Medicine is a natural part of the plants (341 recorded in the book), animals (177 identified) or minerals (64 listed).
•Medicine is preventive as well as curative.
•Focus is on healthy practices such as yoga, meditation and massage which act as catalyst for regulation of all the metabolic processes.

The Doshas
There are five basic elements that make up the universe: earth, water, fire, air and space.Ayurvedic healing is based on three Doshas present in every human being. The balance of all three doshas is very important for the balance and harmony with the universe and the surroundings. The ayurvedic treatment revolves around these three doshas and its primary purpose is to maintain vata, pitta and kapha in a balanced state. They are:
Vata (wind / spirit / air) - Vata governs the movements of the body and mind. Too much Vata leads to anxiety, insomnia and constipation.
Pitta (bile / fire) - Pitta controls the metabolism of body and spirit. Too much Pitta causes anger, ulcers and hair loss.
Kapha (mucus / water) - This dosha maintains the resistance of the body. It gives energy to the heart and lungs and a good memory. Too much Kapha leads to weight gain and associated allergies.
Each dosha has its peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses. All three of them need to work together to maintain the accord in the body.
The ayurvedic method of diagnosis is the elimination of the origin and prevention of contributory factors. Ayurvedic diagnosis is not about suppressing the main symptoms and creating some side-effects. It ensures the removal of the root cause and everlasting relief. The medicines for the diagnosis mainly comprises products extracted from natural herbs, minerals and plants in the form of powders, tonic, tablets, medicated oils etc. prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals.                        
The extra care
·         Sweating
We have often heard people saying that sweating is very important for the body. Sweating is a natural process that maintains the body temperature and keeps the skin clean. Sweating is therapeutic for the skin and the body as it dilutes the Doshas that are critically important for regulating all the substances and structures present inside the body. For this purpose, spas and steam baths are suggested as these methods facilitate sweating and eliminate toxins.    
      ·         Massage
Massage is a way of absorbing material adapted to the patient profile, such as medicated herbal oils Dhanwantharam, Kairkare, Ksheerabala Thailam  . Massages are a way of detoxifying as the oil gets deeper and absorbed in the body. Along with the relaxation, the body comes close to the inner self realizing the true power of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda as we all know has been already is gaining global recognition and importance because of its holistic approach towards curing and advising patients. In 1970, the Indian Medical Central Council Act was passed by the Parliament of India, to standardize the qualifications required to practice Ayurveda. In India, more than 100 colleges offer degrees intraditional Ayurvedic medicine. Not only educational institutions, there are umpteen ayurvedic medicine centers running under various patent names equipped with all the training facilities and exclusive product range which are extremely wonderful for complete wellness.
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