Best Ayurvedic Spa and Treatment Centre in Kerala - Kairali the Ayurvedic Healing Village

Kairali- The  Ayurvedic  Healing  Village  offers  the best  Ayurveda  Spa  therapies  and  Ayurvedic   treatments  in  a traditional yet luxurious setting.

Situated in the Palakkad district of Kerala, Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village is an amazing sanctuary which offers both authentic Ayurvedic  treatments  and luxurious setting. Ayurvedic Healing Village is a magnificent  50 acre property set in a complete natural setting. There is no better place to get inside nature and rejuvenate and heal  with ayurvedic treatment and therapies  than here. This is a unique Ayurvedic Health Retreat that is  set in the traditional Kerala village style and transports you back in time. 

This Ayurvedic Health retreat has 30 cottages built in the manner of traditional Kerala houses melded into the natural setting. The types, in order of luxuriousness, include the Maharaja, Royal, Classic and Deluxe Villas. All cottages are unique in design and have been built as per the principles of Vaastu Shastra using various eco-friendly natural materials. The entire resort is eco-friendly and has been the recipient of the Green Leaf Certification – the highest level of classification for Ayurveda centres – by the government of Kerala.
The rooms has the desired modern amenities and air-conditioning ; the resort also has a swimming pool, a tennis court, a leisure room with pool, card games and dart, a gymnasium cum library, wi-fi zones and much more.

It is the quality of spa therapies and services offered at the AyurvedicTretament Centre  is what makes people come back here year after year. The Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village offers an array of renowned Ayurvedic Spa treatments and specialized Ayurvedic massages with herbal oils and powders for complete fitness of the body and mind. The treatment and therapies are designed to revitalize the balance of body and mind.
You can choose a rejuvenation and detoxification spa package that is designed to help you enjoy the harmony of inner mind and outer body, or indulge in a complete beauty treatment to nurture and purify  your  hair  and  skin  and  feel beautiful in and out. Relieve tension and stress with a four hand invigorating massage; relax with the  unique ayurvedic detoxifying treatments. All the spa treatments and therapies at Kairali  Ayurvedic  Spa are designed to promote and encourage a greater degree  of   personal  well-being,  and   every product that you use here is natural , herbal and chemical free.

The Best Ayurvedic Treatment
The  Ayurvedic treatment centre here  has three resident  Ayurvedic doctors and several  therapists. Every   guest  is  offered  special individual  attention  - a thorough check-up is done and a brief medical  history obtained  from  every guest. Based on the assessment of a patient’s Dosha or Prakriti,  an  individual treatment  program is prescribed. The prescription may include permutations and combinations of various kinds of massages, Panchakarma, diet and medicines for a duration of one, two or three weeks.
 Treatments at Kairali are based entirely on Ayurveda.  Kairali  is specialized in providing treatments for various ailments such as arthritis, spondylitis, paralysis, migraine, sinusitis, obesity, slip disc,  eye care, skin diseases, facial paralysis, infertility, nervous disability, hypertension, bronchial diseases, rheumatism, diabetes,  de-addiction  and  rehabilitation from alcohol and tobacco.

Ayurvedic Diet

At the Ayuvedic Healing Village diet forms an integral part of the healing process. There are two restaurants in the place, where the  menu  combines  traditional  Indian  dishes  and  international recipes  to give  you  a healthy, yet  gastronomically  satisfying  dining experience. We  serve healthy, gourmet  food,  using vegetables  and  fruits   that  are mostly  straight from  the  resorts  own  organic  garden.
Kairali  Ayurvedic   Healing  Village also has doctors and dieticians who prescribe you the right kind of nutritious meals  based on  the composition of  your  body  ,  your  lifestyle and the treatment being given to you.

The  Ayurvedic  Healing Village is undoubtedly  the  best Ayurvedic  Spa and offers the best Ayurvedic Treatment in  Kerala  and the whole of India and that is the reason it has been awarded the  "Best Ayurvedic Center” for the year 2013 by Safari India.

Kairali The Ayurvedic Healing Village owned by the Kairali Group is one of the most eminent Ayurvedic resorts in the world. Situated in Palakkad, Kerala, this pristine Wellness Resort is nestled in the foothills of the gigantic and mystical Western Ghats. National Geographic Traveller has voted this resort as one in the top 10 Wellness Meccas of Asia and one of the top 50 Wellness Meccas in the whole world.

This Ayurveda spa Kerala is also ayurvedic treatment centre and employs many specialists in the field of Ayurveda. Kairali the Ayurvedic Healing Village employs ayurvedic doctors, specialized dieticians to plan the meal for every guest as per their need;masseuses specialized in the field of ayurvedic massages and first-rate yoga and meditation instructors.Kairali the Ayurvedic Healing Village offers personalised Ayurveda and Yoga and Pilgrimage Packages that will suit everyone’s need and budget. The Ayurveda spa price is customized as per the guest’s desire and requirement. The whole environment here is a perfect blend of spiritual and traditional holistic treatment.

The mission and vision of this Ayurvedic spa centre Kerala is wellbeing of its guests. It is not merely a hotel where one gets good service and ambience but it’s a place where every guest is provided with the luxury of being individually served and looked after by others. Here you can relax and forget all your stress and ailments. The ayurvedic spa massage provided here can help you in multi-dimensional ways. The Ayurveda spa features many forms of massages that are excellent for gaining glowing skin, longevity, vitality and also helps in improving sound sleep, eyesight and various other ailments. 


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