De-stress with Panchkarma Treatment at Kairali, Palakkad

Stress and anxiety are increasingly being blamed for the numerous ailments people are forced to suffer these days. At the core of any disease is the proliferating magnitude of toxins, which works as a poison in the body making it ill. It is highly imperative to flush these toxins out of the body. To be able to do that Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad is offering Panchkarma treatment that anneals immunity by aiding removal of morbid dosha, damaged dhatu and obstructed mala.

Elaborated methods of purification are used to release stress, which prepares the body tissues to accept the maximum benefits of food, nutrition and exercise. You can opt for packages starting from 14 Nights/15 Days to 28 Nights/29 Days (The tariff ranges between Rs. 1,87,000 to Rs.10,6000).

Panchkarma treatment is a three stage process—purva (pre-operative), pradhana (operative) and paschat (post-operative) measures. Treatments like abhyangam, shirodhara and elakizhi are included to soften the tissues and thereafter, therapies like Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya, Raktamoksha are used as per the body constitution (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) to complete the detoxifying process. The treatment is carried out after the close examination by the doctors at Kairali, who will provide you with the diet chart to be strictly adhered to.

Panchkarma treatment can be beneficial in varied disease. To name few— Asthma, chronic allergies, hyperacidity, digestive problems, nasal congestion, edema, obesity, psychological disorders, skin disorders, diabetes, paraplegia, elephantiasis, gynecological disorders, hemiplegia, colitis, cervical spondylosis, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, backache & sciatica, hepatomegaly and splenomegaly, piles, sexual debility and infertility, insomnia, elimination of excess mucus, pre-mature graying of hair, neurological dysfunctions, sinusitis and many others.

Panchkarma treatment along with its authenticity in Kerala boasts of revitalizing you in 21 days or a maximum of 29 days without harming the body.

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