Detoxify with Panchkarma Treatment at Kairali

Immunity is the word and it has now become a herculean task to maintain it. Let us help you at Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village to regain and restore it, with Panchkarma treatment, to emerge victorious in the battle against the foreign bodies. It is highly recommended if you want to detoxify and rejuvenate to assist your body tissues to gain maximum benefits of nutrition and exercise. Native to Kerala, you will enjoy the authentic ayurvedic panchkarma making you feel and look younger. Experience Abhyangam with soft, compelling and experienced hands as mentioned in our ancient literature to resuscitate. Panchkarma can help you win over problems like asthma, chronic allergies, digestive problems, nasal congestion, edema, obesity, skin disorders, diabetes, paraplegia, gynecological disorders, hemiplegia, colitis, cervical spondylosis, constipation, backache & sciatica, hepatomegaly and splenomegaly, piles, sexual debility and infertility, insomnia, neurological dysfunctions, sinusitis and many others.

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