Kairali – Ayurvedic Wellbeing centre in Kerala

Bespoke oils and diet work their magic at Kairali, the top Ayurvedic wellness destination. If you are considering a wellness vacation, checking into a wellness retreat for a full-blown mind body and soul experience can be one of the most relaxing choices and healthy choices you’d ever make. If you want to destress or even work on the natural anti-aging – check into Kairali, the best Ayurvedic wellbeing centre in India.
Ayurvedic resorts are plentiful in Kerala and due to the moist humid weather, there is an abundant supply of medical herbs and plants. You can not only have a holiday but can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul at the same time.  At Kairali Ayurvedic wellbeing centre, the Ayurvedic treatment offered is about getting back to nature. The resort is set among fifty acres of lush green land in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Infact, there is even a stream running past each of the cottages! Although it’s considered a retreat, the Ayurvedic treatment is taken up very seriously. The food served is only vegetarian and are prepared using the most natural methods. All the guests are encouraged to participate daily in early morning mediation and yoga sessions. Kairali has its own organic garden, and swimming pool. The packages at Kairali include consultation, meals, Ayurvedic herbal therapies and yoga & meditation sessions. Packages are also available based on the health concerns. These range from diabetes to detox and rejuvenation.
Each of the luxury villas in Kairali is based on ancient edicts of the Indian version of Feng Shui or what is known as ‘Vastu Shastra’. Hence, this provides the guests with the ultimate Ayurveda Wellbeing centre among the setting of Kerala’s most authentic Vedic community. The details of the types of villa’s available are given below:

1.      Deluxe villa
This villa surrounds you with the warmth of natural beauty and habitat.  Each of these villas include air conditioning, telephone, bath and a shower. These villas enhance the rejuvenating experience of this Ayurvedic wellness destination.

3.      Royal villa
The authentic amenities and facilities of this villa truly make a guest feel royal. The perfect blend of ancient royalty and modern historic luxury. It is made with high class facilities and amazing quality of construction.

4.      Maharaja suite
This villa name translates literally to the “Emperor suite”. This villa gives a new name to luxury, with it unbeatable standard. With kind size beds to elegant décor, this villa has a private lawn and is right beside the swimming pool and the river. Luxuries like coffee makers and hair dries are also included! What else do you need for a royal stay in such a tranquil location?

A complete mix of a holiday retreat and wellness, Ayurvedic wellness destinations like Kairali really gives an edge to wellness. Book your course with the perfect villa to go with your course. Don’t forget to have a look at the special offers section that can make your stay more valuable. Book now! It’s never too late for a wellness holiday. 

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