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‘First impression is the last impression’ and the first impression is of your APPEARANCE. Physical appearance is synonymous to acceptance and self–esteem, and speaks of your internal health too.
In this insane world, where you ought to express yourself in merely 142 characters (Twitter), obesity can be too detrimental to your health and confidence!! Due to sedentary lifestyle, uncontrolled proliferation of inorganic and unhealthy food, and exercising being next to no, overweight has emerged as a global epidemic.

It is not merely a problem; it as well speaks of one’s carelessness. Love yourself!!

If the problem of excessive weight has engulfed you too and you are pondering what needs to be done next, the solution is right here. Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad, Kerela, pioneers in Ayurveda, with over decades of experience, is offering you to be a part of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Programme for a duration of minimum 14 to 28 days to help you shed those extra kilos!
Make your body balanced and fit. With a restructured ayurvedic vegetarian diet, in combination with herbal massages and daily yoga and meditation practices this program will reward you with a perfect physique in a procedural manner.  For stimulating the body’s circulatory system and avoiding further deposit of fats, herbal enriched steam bath will also be part of this program. So visit Kairali and make your own weight reduction story!!!

Focused on personalized weight loss treatment this program consists of techniques like Udwarthanam— a special remedial deep tissue massage done using chemical-free powders, Udgharshanam— an oil free massage given using herbal powders, Elakizhi – a therapy done using warm bags, herbal leaves and products which sweeps pain from the body and strengthen spinal muscles, Pizhichil— a process of drizzling of medicated oil from a particular height, vasti and kadhikizhi are also included in the program to provide you with extra-ordinary results.

Excessive intake of fat, imbalanced hormones, weak metabolism, stomach and gastric disorders, lazy lifestyle, no exercising and physical activities and sleep disorders are some of the causes of weight gain which further leads to diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressures, heart strokes, gallbladder diseases and breathing problems. This program would provide you with a splendid opportunity by which you can fight against the excessive weight gain hence. The weight loss reduction will be carried out by the most natural forms providing your body, mind and soul the essentially required rejuvenation. For exclusive and personally focused experience variety of healing oils as per the need and body type will be used.

A Kairali’s product, Lipidex is one of the ayurvedic medicines which aids in weight management. By augmenting the thyroid glands and eliminating toxins and body fats these slimming capsules help in decreasing the weight without any adverse effects. Lipidex opens the tiny micro channels present in the body helping it to ingest maximal nutrients and minerals from the food. Ayurveda offers finest and vital herbs, organic products, and chemical-free massage oils to aid you getting in shape. Moreover, the reduction of weight through ayurveda is the safest and effective mode.

The Ayurvedic Healing Village is a pioneer of tranquillity and equanimity located at the biggest mountain pass of the world. Situated amidst 50 acres of the lavish greenery and surrounded by sweet scented aroma of flowers, herbs and trees the place brings you in close proximity of nature where you can lose weight naturally and restore vigour and vivacity to your life. It has 30 independent and spacious villas; all as per the principles of vaastu shastra. The village offers a vivifying and pollution free environment where vegetarian food and renunciation of alcohol and smoking is encouraged. For presence of positive vibes ‘Valambari Conch’ is placed inside each villa. Our Ayurvedic doctors are highly educated and qualified, and therapists and masseurs are experts in their respective fields.

You will be given a vegetarian diet as per your body.  Along with workshops on Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition classes will as well be held to aid you continuing cooking and eating organic and nutritive food. Group yoga and meditation will also be held daily concurrently with weight loss treatment and weight loss therapies, which will further enhance your weight loss management. The duration of the program starts for minimum 14 Nights/15 to maximum 28 Nights/29 Days costing. Let’s conquer our life again!

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