De-stress at Kairali with Yoga Retreat by Prav & Simona

Is stress proving to be a silent killer? Is it eating you from inside? Are you finding it difficult to answer such simple questions? Or is it that you are unable to decide what exactly is happening inside your body? These are some important questions that one must keep asking himself or herself in the era where we rarely get time to speak our heart out.

In its unique endeavour, Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village is giving you a chance to let our experts answer your queries and crave a smooth way out of the puzzle through a Yoga retreat by Prav and Simona Satthi from Denmark – ‘Ayurveda for Stress Management & Healthy Lifestyle’ from September 17-22, 2017 followed by ‘Ayurveda and Yoga for Healing’ September 23-30, 2017.

With more than 16 years of experience, Prav Satthi is a certified yoga professional and a rejuvenation technician with expertise in cooperating, ayurveda, pharaonic healing methods and nordic healing methods while Simona Satthi is Yoga alliance international certified expert.

The retreat aims at facilitating you a smooth way to balance your body, mind and soul through yoga, ayurveda and meditation under the expert guidance. The first edition is designed to address your problems that might have surfaced because of stress for six days while the following version of the retreat intends to heal you holistically through pranayam and meditation for eight days.
Join us on our health adventure to fight stress and completely heal yourself in the lap of nature in God’s Own Land— Kerala while enjoying the generosity of our ancient science Ayurveda at Kairali. The first and second edition will cost INR 45000 + Tax and INR 67,000 + Tax for single occupancy while for double occupancy it will cost INR 56000 + Tax and INR 85,000 + Tax respectively.

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