Ayurvedic tips to stay healthy in summer

Summer is the time when the sun rays become powerful and pitta dosha is out of balance due to heat. The only way to deal with the heat is to stay cool on the inside. Summer season is known as pitta season, and excessive heat outside creates an imbalance in the pitta dosha. The heat causes anger and impatience which affect our emotions and and sweat, acne, sensitive skin in our body.

For this purpose, you need some tips to calm yourself and stay cool in summer. So, follow these easy tips for a cooler summer:

Eat sweet, bitter and astringent foods:

Sweet foods will give you energy and will replenish your tissues, while bitter foods will clean your digestive system and astringent food will absorb water and tighten your tissue.
Keep yourself hydrated:

Drink lots of water during the day to restore the lost moisture due to heat. Avoid drinking water during meals as it affects the digestive system. You should go for herbal tea and coconut water.
Eat meals on time:

Don't miss out on meals as it affects the mood the most. You should take your main meal in the middle of the day when the digestive fire is the strongest this will keep Pitta in balance.
Self-care Techniques:

Make is a routine of washing your feet before going to bed as it will help you cool down the heat. Go for an early morning walk for 10-15 minutes.

In summers, anger and frustration will be caused easily. Start your day by either meditating or some breathing exercise to have a stress free day and to keep yourself from getting angry.

Going through these summer cures and with a little care you can balance your Pitta. These Ayurvedic tips by The Kairali Ayurvedic centre will help you beat the summer heat by giving you more tips on how to balance your doshas. These practices will also help you improve your health; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

India has a rich heritage of using the mysterious world of Ayurveda and no matter how much scientists try to unravel the mysteries of the universe, there are some things which cannot be quite figured out by science. The power of Ayurveda in the fulfilling atmosphere of Indian culture is something which is not available anywhere in the world. It has been said that Ayurveda treats the entire body rather than treating just the conditions. Kairali has been mentioned as the best ayurvedic healing spa in the world. Their services and their effort to ensure that everyone gets the benefit of Ayurveda have been immense. You cannot get the inner peace unless you are embraced by the giving aspect of nature at Kairali.

Kairali, as is mentioned in the video, “heals the body, instead of the disease”, with the wide variety of treatments involving purging the system starting with Ayurveda panchakarma therapy moving on to use medicated oils to detoxify the system with Panchakarma treatment, Kairali seeks to utilize the abundance of Ayurveda to purify the body of all sickness. It also strives to churn out new healers with Ayurveda training courses and gives the students a detailed lesson on the various uses of Ayurveda through its Ayurvedic Healing training program.

The Accommodation tariff at Kairali is very reasonable and includes various systematic and supervised services to relieve their guests of stress like the Kerala Ayurvedic Massage which the guests are treated to every single day of their stay at Kairali. There are some things which are still unmatched by developed countries like America and the mysteries of Ayurveda are among those things. A yoga guru in America will stand no chance against an Indian guru who has grown up in the bounty of nature.

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