Do's and Don'ts' for an ayurvedic patient

A patient who has enrolled himself for an ayurvedic lifestyle must prepare himself for a list of do's and don'ts' which are handed over to you after a complete analysis of your doshas and your lifestyle. The ayurvedic health retreat centre will not only give you a course of medication but also advice give you a list of do's and don'ts'.

You should have small meals but make sure that a gap of three hours between meals.
Balance your eating both in terms of quantity and nutritional content.
If you feel hungry between two meals then you should satisfy your hunger with fruits rather than oily and fried food.
Staying awake late at night is strictly prohibited in ayurveda.
Exercising is very important but not immediately after meals.
Weekly massaging with oil is also advised
Meditation, yoga and other relaxation techniques are also advised and is among the vital do's in ayurveda.           

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