Ayurveda Workshop In Kairali (9 Days)

Contact- +91 9999231117

The above itinerary is subject to change due to local transportation conditions.
Approximate time of day:
Early morning: 04:01-06:00
Morning: 06:01-08:00 AM: 08:01-11:00
Midday: 11:01-13:00 PM: 13:01-16:00
Late afternoon: 16:01-19:00
Evening: 19:01-23:00
Late evening: 23:01-04:00
All of the meals at Kairali Resort are vegetarian.
In principle, drinking alcohol and smoking are prohibited inside Kairali Resort’s buildings.
Guests are free to use the gym and pool.
As for Ayurvedic treatments, treatments which suit the individual’s body condition will be determined upon consultation with the doctor. Please note that there may be changes in meals, treatments, etc. based on daily consultation.
Ayurveda Workshop Kairali means “From Kerala.” Kerala located in Southern India is said to be the holy land of Ayurveda. Kairali Resort was established in Kerala in 1997 by Mr. and Mrs. Ramesh. (The Ramesh family has been manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines for generations.) Since then, Kairali Resort has been providing a truly authentic Ayurvedic life so that people around the world can experience the wonderful benefits of real Ayurveda.
“Prevention is better than cure” - This is Mr. and Mrs. Ramesh’s motto. Hoping that people can live richer and healthier lifestyles, Kairali provides not only Ayurvedic treatments but also an ideal lifestyle in all aspects by incorporating yoga, diet, etc. We hope that you take this opportunity to experience the real Ayurvedic life.
Optional tour
See the Indian traditional dance “Kathakali”
Visit to Hindu temples

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