Ayurvedic Bridal Preparation


Taking the time to pamper yourself as a bride, months before your wedding guarantees that the love of your life will be completely captivated when you walk down that aisle. KAVITA SHYAM finds out how brides can go the natural route and re-emerge fresh as daisy…
There is intense pressure on the brides-to-be to look amazing with all eyes on her, besides wanting to wow the husband-to-be. Beauty from Ayurvedic perspective is the sister science of yoga. It is the traditional form of medicine that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. While the entire world is turning to Ayurveda, India has been at it for centuries now. The brides may love to experiment with new bridal imports in town, but nothing to beat the beauty of chemical free, natural procedures available in the country.
Ayurveda aims to prevent illnesses and treat disease by keeping the body in balance through diet, herbs, yoga, breathing exercises and traditional cleansing practices and techniques. A healthy glow if absolutely non-negotiable for brides-to-be! Overindulging in Ayurvedic treatments a day or two before you tie the knot leads to unnecessary stress, therefore it makes good sense to start your Ayurvedic prep three to four months or perhaps two months, in advance if you want to look and feel your best on the big day.
Most brides these days are opting for Ayurvedic spa resorts away from the city hustle-bustle to look radiant. Well, if you want to be fussed on like a princess, there is no better place to find peace and tranquility than at a lovely spa’s at the varied serene sanctums in the country. So just get set and away with your favorite girl pals or simply go solo for some ‘me’ time. Here’s how to get a bridal glow with Ayurveda.
Bridal Retreat 
If a bride shows healthy internal radiance she is considered truly beautiful. The Kairali Ayurvedic group has brought authentic Ayurveda from Kerala to the pious wharfs of Rishikesh. The group has its resort Sanskriti Vedic Retreat’ in the foothills of Himalayas, by the holy Ganges at Rishikesh. The unique feature of this place is that a bride can experience the amalgamation of the best of ancient Indian traditions – Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and spirituality. This retreat is all about joyful aliveness and spirituality ideal for a beaming bride.
Abhilash K Ramesh, Director, Kairali Ayurvedic group says “Sanskriti offers you the opportunity for physical, spiritual, and mental rejuvenation through yoga and meditation. There can be no better place to get the yoga teacher’s training than in Rishikesh – the ‘Yoga capital of the World’. The history of yoga and spiritual penance runs deep in this region”.
The brides-to-be can enroll in one of these courses to reap the benefits of good health prior to their big day. The Sanskriti Vedic retreat’s 28 days course helps in experiencing ones true self besides the schedule here will make you relaxed and free you from  all the  worldly  stress. Ultimately the yoga and the meditation sessions will lead you to a spiritual discovery and complete new way of life.
Geeta Ramesh, Joint Managing Director, Kairali Ayurvedic Group says, “All brides want to look best for their special wedding day. Ayurveda for brides is not just about external beautification but it is about bringing a complete change to ensure the inner health, balance and composition so that her future life remains unaffected.It is full treatment for all the body elements based on Ayurveda. It includes therapies to cleanse & prepare the reproductive system, correcting the menstrual system, nourishment and beautification for skin and body and support for emotional balancing.” She suggests a few therapies for brides and bridegroom:
Pizhichil/ Herbal Oil Bath
Medicated oil is poured all over the body in continuous streams while being gently massaged by therapists. It is extremely soothing & relaxing. It helps in toning, strengthening & rejuvenating the whole body. This treatment lasts for about an hour.
Lepam (Body Wraps)
The body is wrapped with special Ayurvedic powders mixed with honey/ milk/ rosewater. It gives natural glow to the body, provides good complexion to skin, reduces scars, detoxifies, leaving the skin smooth & silky. This treatment lasts for about an hour.
Udwarthanam / Powder Massage
Specialised Ayurvedic treatment done with herbal powders, it is applied all over the body & massaged. It’s good for skin exfoliation. It removes cellulite, revitalizes the sense of touch & removes stagnant toxins from the body. This treatment lasts for about an hour.
Mukh Abhyangam + Mukh Lepam
Face is massaged with Ayurvedic oils then herbal face pack is applied to improve colour & complexion of the skin. It gives a natural glow & shine to the facial skin by gently exfoliating it of the skin by gently exfoliating it of the dust & impurities set due to the daily chores. This treatment lasts for about 30 minutes.

This treatment involves cooked medicinal rice call Navara, blended with milk & herbs tied in muslin cloth bundle & applied all over the body in a rhythmic manner. This mixture prepares you well for the stresses & strain of modern life plus its superbly nourishing & toning for muscles. This treatment lasts for about an hour.
Oiling of hair is done with a soothing head massage using Ayurvedic oils that effectively stop dandruff, hairfall, hair breakage, premature greying, dryness & restores the glow, shine & thickness of the hair. This treatment lasts for about 30 minutes.
Shirodhara (1 Hr)
This is deeply relaxing treatment using warm herbal oils poured in a gentle stream over the forehead. It comforts brain & coordinates & calm the mind. It enhances blood circulation to the brain and improves memory. Nourishes hair and scalp and generally aids in release of stress and tension.
Some of the therapies can be done at home easily using herbal oil, packs, scrubs, etc, such as – Abhyangam, Udwarthanam, head massage, facial face pack etc. One can get these therapies done from time to time to maintain their body. Doing these therapies twice in a year not only gives benefit to the skin but to the body as a whole as it cleanses the systems and makes them strong.  Along with the therapies a healthy diet and exercise regime needs to be on top of your priority list along with Ayurvedic therapies to maintain a healthy body and glowing skin. Also getting into a daily exercise regime will tighten the skin, create muscle tone, and shape up your body for the final wedding day. The men/groom and family members can also indulge in therapies like Abhyangam, sirodhara, pizhichil which are extremely relaxing for the members as well. These therapies are affordable for long term basis.
The treatment will cleanse your system and will have you ready to indulge come your wedding! Head there to experience Ayurveda treatments at their very best.
Radiance Ritual
Far removed from the hustle bustle of city life is Ananda spa located within the Himalayas, this is the best for the brides who like to squeeze in a trip out of town to pamper themselves silly. The 24,000 square foot spa has over 80 treatments across its 24 treatment rooms. Recipient of a plethora of awards, this haven, needs to be experienced to be believed not just for its famed treatments but also for a four day refreshing escape.
Ananda in the Himalayas is popular with the brides because of its beautiful and exotic bridal experience specially crafted to enhance the inner beauty for the most special day of a bride’s life. The bridal journey here begins with a fragrant Himalayan Wild Rose salt scrub to exfoliate, soothe and balance, followed by a calming Aromatherapy massage using pure essential oils of Rose, Sandalwood and Vetiver – known as the ‘Indian Oils of Tranquility’.
After a refreshing night’s sleep, the journey begins once again with Ananda’s Energising Earth Wrap using pure earth laden with healing minerals to make you feel revived, nurtured and rejuvenated. This is followed by a nourishing Aroma Hot Oil hair treatment where essential oils of Geranium, Lavender and Rosemary are massaged to enliven and bring shine to your tresses.

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