Relax and rejuvenate the ayurvedic way!

Wedding Fables takes you on an Ayurvedic rollercoaster in the quaint town of Rishikesh as writer Malvika Nanda talks about her experience at the Sanskriti Vedic Retreat:

“I don’t want an ordinary bachelorette, I want to plan something fun before all the wedding madness begins, tell me a good place where I can just chill with my friends...” Now, that’s notuncommon to hear from a soon-to-be-married- friend or a colleague who wants to live it up and spend quality time with friends before the wedding frenzy begins.

All talks of the frolic in Goa or Bali are either met with a ‘oh that’s been done’ or ‘what about the calories that debauchery will bring’, often enough. Why just bachelorettes, this makes for a perfect ‘relax and revive’ placed for rather exhausted newlyweds, too.

How about a detox trip in the hills, where the gang of girls could prep themselves up, and keep the calories at bay while indulging themselves. Sounds unreal? Sankskriti Vedic Retreat is a great option for a timeout. Nestled in what we know as the yoga capital of India – Rishikesh, Sanskriti is a quaint little rejuvenation spot.

Overlooking the beautiful Ganges, Sanskriti - from the house of ayurvedic experts at renowned Kairali Ayurvedic Group, is replete with treatments to help one wind down. They also have an in-house doctor, who patiently listens to you before he takes your pulse to identify the areas of health concerns for you and then suggest the requisite treatment (in the truest sense of the word) for you.

A Sanskriti Vedic retreat offers a combination of traditional treatments, organic food, yoga sessions and meditation for a wholesome rejuvenating experience. Treatment it may be, but whatever it is you’re advised or you pick nevertheless, it’s an indulgence that your body and mind will thank you for. Whatever you do, a Sirodhara is a must. For the uninitiated, Sirodhara is a signature therapy that treats your mind and soul with a lot of oil! In this therapy, warmed medicated oil is poured over the one’s forehead for a certain period of time. This technique dates back centuries and effective to cure anxiety, sleeplessness, stress and just simple brain drain. Apparently the treatment also, helps to increase the IQ level of a person, but going by the sheer technique of it, Sirodhara is a beautiful meditative experience.

While at Sanksriti they believe and practice the traditional treatment as treatments and not just a spa affair and it works. Our pick of treatments would include Abhyangam (Two Hand Full Body Massage), Udgharshanam (Wet Powder Massage) which would leave you feeling scrubbed fresh and relaxed to the core along with the Sirodhara of course.

Udgharshanam is an invigorating wet herbal powder massage that employs specialised strokes with a combination of exfoliating herbal powders in wet form to enable deep cleansing of the skin and skin’s pores. This treatment relieves stress and fatigue, invigorates and energizes the body.

Named about the various Ganga ghats such as Allahabad and Varanasi, the rooms at Sanksriti are comfortable if not opulent. However, you certainly get that special feeling each time you walk in to your room that’s fresh with the fragrance of Camphor. And not to forget the lovely organic rooftop food cafe- the menu and taste will bowl you over.

Our favourites include: Wheat Porridge with Raisins; Herb and tomato ‘energy omelette’ which is eggless- yes, it’s made of chickpea flour served with date chutney, Spinach and Coconut Soup, Beetroot and Sesame Seed Salad and their organic infusion drink menu, even a simple lime juice/ lemonade tastes wonderful with their recipe. The food is very decently priced and the cafe invites the attention of a lot of tourists for their truly ‘organic’ menu.

However, it’s wise to plan and book much ahead in advance as Sanksriti has 6 rooms available at the moment, and with the combination of health, spa and organic food that they boast of, we won’t be surprised if they’re heavily booked.

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