Book A Unique Mindfulness Retreat In India is all set to host a retreat on 'Mindfulness' at  Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad from June 26 to June 30 2014. The Retreat is great for everyone wishing to be introduced to Mindfulness practice while enjoying the gentleness of Ayurveda.

It will witness therapists like celebrity coach Santhosh Babu, singer-actress Raageshwari and American holotropic breath work experts Sharanya and Dough, among the others.
This five-day retreat will offer tools and methodologies for inner transformation of individuals keen to explore inner development.
"Mindfulness, as a concept, is gaining popularity with thousands of people showing interest in meditation, yoga and mindfulness. Time magazine's January 2014 cover story focused on 'Mindfulness Revolution' while the Wisdom 2.0 conference, held in San Francisco in February 2014, deliberated mindfulness", said the retreat director Santhosh Babu. He further added that "This Mindfulness Retreat is for people who want to be self-aware and work on themselves. We look forward to working with 40-50 individuals -- corporate executives, businessmen and families -- with an open mind, quest for greater understanding and the will to explore more,"
Well known singer-actress Raageshwari is now a Facial and Iyengar yoga practitioner. She began a long journey of positivity and healing when she was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, a nervous disorder that leads to the paralysis of the facial muscles.
Other session experts include US-based Holotropic Breathwork trainer Sharanya Naik. Holotropic Breathwork, is a tool developed by Dr. Stanislav Grof as an adjunct to psychedelic psychotherapy and as alternate to LSD that was once used in psychotherapy. This is the first time Holotropic Breathwork will be taught to the general public in India.
Shruti Nanda Poddar, an expert on Vibrational and Sound healing, will help participants get in touch with their inner self through the power of music. The Mindfulness Retreat will also include sessions on Kundalini Yoga and meditation by Anita Anand and Pranic healing by Nidhi Jain and Shivani Hariharan.

The Retreat is immersive and every hour spent at the Kairali Ayurveda Village, the residential retreat venue, will ensure that both the body and the mind are working together. A typical day would have yoga, expert sessions, and a range of Ayurveda massages, music and feedback. Organic vegetarian food, especially prepared by the Ayurveda centre, will complement the life changing experience

Participation in a retreat where you can make a conscientious, personal investment in mindfulness practice is a very precious gift to give yourself. It gives you an opportunity to indulge in the experience of a life with "wide margins" and taste the experience of "just being", free from the distractions and responsibilities of day to day life. 


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