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Kairali, the term instantly conjures images of a lush and green palm laden Kerala combined with the goodness of Ayurveda. In the year 1989 Gita Ramesh and her husband K Ramesh started an enterprise under the name of Kairali with the intent to uphold the principles of Ayurveda for health and wellbeing.  What exactly did this mean and what was the outcome of this venture? We spoke at length to Gita Ramesh the managing Director of Kairali to  trace the journey of Kairali and its growth story.

What does Ayurveda mean in terms of  health and wellness?
Ayurveda looks at a comprehensive approach to health, which understands the individual as a complex combination of elements capable of being brought into harmony. We are committed to enhancing positivity and wellbeing in individuals, the environment and the global community.
How did you venture into this enterprise? Tell us about your history.
Both me and my husband KV Ramesh hail from a long family lineage of traditional Ayurvedic doctors.We have been blessed with a legacy of expertise emanating from such renowned physicians as the late Dr. Sankunny Vaidiar (grandfather of Mr. K. V. Ramesh) and the Dr. K. S. Vasudevan (father of Mr. K. V. Ramesh), Kairali Group was established on a solid ground of Ayurveda research.
Established in 1948 by Dr. K. S. Vasudevan, father of Mr. K.V. Ramesh, Spalabs has been responsible for the creation of several best-selling formulas and health supplements. Based on authentic Ayurvedic ingredients and the traditional processes of our ancient scripture, these original recipes have undergone continuous improvement over the course of the last sixty years, resulting in our modern range of Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies.”

Taking from the legacy what was the new that you added on to it?
Our traditional knowledge paired with a modern mindset is the reason that we’re one of the few Ayurvedic brands to have successfully migrated abroad. We maintain authentic practices that have worked for centuries, while also conducting cutting-edge research in order to maximize the potential of Ayurvedic Medicine for use in the modern world. We continue to offer services related to medical treatment  for illness like arthiritis, spondolitis, paralysis etc. Our belief lies in wholitstic therapy, for body and mind. We enourage our patrons to practice Yoga and to focus on prevention rather than cure. Hence we offer a  combination of food, exercise and traditional goodness of Ayurveda for overall wellness.
What about training ?
Since 2010 we have offered six-month Diploma Courses for Ayurvedic therapists wishing to practice professionally, in addition to our shorter introductory courses in Ayurveda and massage. With the ever-increasing interest in our education programmes, it’s become clear that we have a role to play in the field of education and training. To date we must have trained over 500 students in Ayurveda.

 Tell us something about the green leaf accreditation that you have received for your Kerala resort.
An award-winning retreat centre set in the inspiring tropical forest location of Palakkad, The Ayurvedic Healing Village offers the epitome of modern holistic luxury.Based on the architecture of Laurie Baker, this lush brick structure is eco and environment friendly The retreat centre is surrounded by fifty acres of organic herbal farmland, and represents a sustainable healing community for guests seeking Panchakarma, detox and yoga retreats. Since the establishment of their Hospitality division, Kairali’s international profile has grown significantly, leading to two further resorts in India, and the proliferation of spa franchises over three continents.   

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