Ayurvedic Spa Treatment at Kairali

Panchkarma is a detoxification process prescribed by Ayurveda, in which oil massage and herbal remedies are used for treatment. It uses natural elimination methods for balancing the different body types or doshasVata,Pita, and Kapha to help detoxify the body.
Ayurvedic spa treatment at Kairali is Performed by trained therapists to provide relief to issues like stress, anxiety, hair-loss, obesity, etc. At our spa, your diet, exercise, and routine is planned based on Ayurveda. We combine massage with meditation and yoga to provide relief mentally, physically and emotionally.
With the lush green open spaces at Kairali and relaxing Ayurvedic spa treatment, relief and rejuvenation are in store for you. We provide several spa packages depending upon your need. De-stress package focusses on providing relief from stress and struggles of daily life. The hair-loss package provides herbal oil massages and head packs to control hair loss, improve the quality of hair and prevent premature greying and headaches. The pain package provides relief from body-ache by massaging points where the pain is experienced. Finally, weight loss package combines herbal massage with proper diet and exercises which helps in lose excessive fat and get your body back in shape.

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